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Transport yourself easily both indoors and out! The power scooter is a great solution for persons with limited mobility and provides them greater independence.

The expert staff at CVI Medical works with you to choose the scooter which will best fit your needs. Scooters can have suspension for smoother rides, larger wheels to better navigate terrain, larger batteries to extend out your mileage, and much more! We carry industry-leading brands like Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, Merits, EWheels, Whill, and Dalton. From folding to travel scooters, heavy duty to all-terrain, CVI Medical is sure to have the best scooter for you!

3-Wheel Scooters

The key benefits for a 3-wheel scooter are its tight turning radius and lightweight frame. 3-wheel portable mobility scooters disassemble to 4-5 pieces and fit in the trunk of just about any automobile. The heaviest piece starts at only 29 lbs. so be sure to check the specifications on each scooter for its exact weight!

4-Wheel Scooters

The 4-wheel travel scooter disassembles into 4-5 pieces making it easy to transport in most automobile trunks. Although the 4-wheel scooters are slightly heavier, with their heaviest piece starting at 35lbs, these scooters provide greater stability and user confidence. 4-Wheel scooters work great indoor and outdoor, you may just simply require more turning room for maneuvering through the home. Driving range varies with battery size and user weight, but most can go at least 8 miles on a full charge in ideal conditions.

Scooter Accessories

Scooter accessories can personalize your scooter and add greater convenience for carrying items and more. Check out which accessories are right for you on our website or visit our store in Dallas!

Overall, the electric mobility scooter, commonly known as a Power Scooter, Portable Scooter, or Medical Scooter, provides freedom of movement for a wide variety of individuals with mobility challenges. Contact us for more information about your unique needs.