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Liftchairs / Power Recliners Rentals

Liftchairs / Power Recliners

Powered recliners, or lift chairs, are popular rental items for short term use when family comes to visit, recovering from surgery, or during illness. The liftchair is completely operated by an electric hand control to comfortably recline the person and lift them to a standing position.

  • 3 Position Lift Chair, raised position 3 Position Lift Chair, seated

    Liftchair 3 Position Rental

    Liftchair 3-Position  Our 3 position liftchair rentals raise you up like all liftchairs.  The difference is that these chairs recline to where your head is elevated 30 degress from horizontal.  

  • Pride Viva!Lift Atlas Lift Chair Rental Seated Pride Viva!Lift Atlas Lift Chair Rental

    Lift Chair Infinite Position Rental

    Liftchair Infinite Position  Our Infinite Position Lift Chair rental lets you customize your comfort! The recliners allow you to individually adjust your legs and back to get the most comfortable position. They also recline you to a zero gravity...