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Shop CVI Medical in Dallas for your home hospital bed needs. We offer the top brands in home hospital beds and can deliver and set up in your home. *

Hospital Beds

Selecting a bed for you or a loved can be a daunting task. Let the experts at CVI Medical in Dallas help you decide which bed is right for you.

Full Electric Hospital Bed

Full electric hospital beds are our most popular home style hospital beds. A full electric bed allows the user to control not only the head and foot via a hand control but also raise and lower the level of the bed with two additional buttons on the remote. The height range of the bed is 15- 20 inches with a 450lb weight capacity. The bed itself is a twin long with the mattress measuring 36 x 80 inches. For taller individuals, mattress extenders are available.

Semi Electric Hospital Beds

The semi electric hospital bed is a twin long home style hospital bed with a mattress measuring 36 x 80 inches. Mattress extenders can be added for taller individuals. This bed will raise and lower the head and legs with the hand control. Although similar to the full electric hospital bed, the semi electric hospital bed requires the use of a hand crank at the foot of the bed to change the overall height of the bed. The height range of the bed is 15-20 inches with a 450lb weight capacity.

Low Bed

Low Beds are full electric hospital beds that have the capability of lowering the individual closer to the floor. The height range of the bed is 9.5-22.5 inches with a 450lb weight capacity.

Bariatric Hospital Beds

Also known as heavy duty, bariatric hospital beds have a higher weight capacity and are wider. Width sizes are 42”, 48”, and 54” with increasing weight capacity 600lbs, 750lbs, and 1000lbs, respectively. Bariatric beds are full electric beds, meaning the legs, head, and height of the bed are all operated by a hand control.

Long Term Beds

Long term home hospital beds provide a wide range of additional features including advanced therapeutic positioning options – such as Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg – and extended powered bed height adjustment to ease care and transfer. These extended use beds are twin long, with few exceptions allowing for a wider bed. Head and footboards may be chosen by style and color to match home décor. In addition, you may customize the style bed rail to best fit the user’s needs.

*Home set up (White Glove Technician Delivery and Set Up) is only available in our local Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.