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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs in Dallas

We feature the best quality wheelchairs in the Dallas community and accessories to go with it! Choose between lightweight transport chairs, manual wheelchairs, and more. Not sure which is right for you? Our expert staff can help you find the product that is perfect for you or your loved one. For short term use please visit our rental page. 


CVI Medical in Dallas Helps You Choose the Best Wheelchair

When choosing a wheelchair, the needs of the user must be considered in addition to the location it will be primarily used. Options for wheelchairs include, transport chairs, manual wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs and more. There are so many choices in wheelchairs that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Let our CVI Medical team in Dallas be your expert resource and guide when evaluating which wheelchair is right for you.

Transport Chairs

Transport chairs, also known as companion chairs, are the perfect choice when moving someone short or long distances – think trips to the doctor’s office or walks around the neighborhood. These chairs are lightweight, starting at only 15 lbs., making it easy to get in and out of a car. You will notice the absence of large wheels on the side. This helps to keep the weight off and means someone will always have to push the individual in the chair as they are unable to self-propel. Another great benefit to transport chairs is they fold up very compactly to be tucked away when not in use.

Standard Manual Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are customizable to the persons weight and specific needs. When selecting the size of the chair, generally, the seat should be 1 to 1.5 inches wider than the hips and support the user’s weight, typically maxing at 300lbs. You can then choose the length of the armrests, desk-length, or full-length. Arms can also be molded with the frame, flip-up, or completely removable. The person’s specific needs will help determine which style will be most helpful.

Legrests should be chosen based on whether the person needs to have their legs extended straight out in front of them, or if they can bend their knees as they would in a standard chair; elevating legrests and standard swing-away legrests, respectively.

Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs

This style wheelchair is designed with a higher weight capacity from 300lbs to 850lbs. The heavy-duty manual wheelchairs also have wider seats to accommodate the user. You can customize the heavy-duty wheelchair the same you would for a manual wheelchair.

Reclining Manual Wheelchairs

The reclining manual wheelchairs are very similar to standard wheelchairs except that the back is much higher to support someone’s head when reclined. You can choose the width of the seat as well as arm style, but all reclining wheelchairs will come with elevating legrests.