Powered Scooters: Benefits and Tips!

Powered Scooters: Benefits and Tips!

Aug 19th 2022

There are many reasons why you may want a powered scooter. A power scooter can help people with mobility challenges get back to the lifestyle that they want. Fortunately for people in the Dallas area, CVI Medical has a store where you can rent or buy a powered scooter. We also have expert staff that can guide you to the exact model that you need based on how you primarily intend to use your scooter and your height and weight.

Mobility Gives You Independence

If you have any aches or pains in your knees, back, or hips, a mobility scooter can provide dramatic relief. Some people find it difficult to walk long distances because of swelling, fatigue, or other mobility challenges. Whatever your reason may be for thinking about getting a power scooter, the primary benefit is accessibility to go places comfortably that you may not otherwise. A powered scooter, or mobility scooter, gives you a simple way to get around easily and independently. Family members often fear that their loved one will quit walking and rely solely on the power scooter. In our experience, that has not been the case. The scooter allows the user to save their energy that they previously exhausted walking long distances. Now, our customers have a newfound independence and confidence that allows them to spend more time with loved ones and doing activities they enjoy!

Easy to Use

At CVI Medical our customers love how easy powered scooters are to operate. One key reason is that our expert staff helps you choose the best scooter for your lifestyle. Since many of our scooters are portable, we consider how much the person can lift or if they will be always leaving the scooter in one piece. We want the scooter to improve and work for your life, and we never want our customers to struggle with the powered scooter. There are many different styles to consider when choosing a scooter and we always consider where you will primarily be using it. Most of our customers purchase a mobility scooter for inside their home, and our staff helps them find models with a better turning radius to navigate smaller spaces and tight corners. For our more active customers who plan to use the scooter outdoors, we recommend scooters with larger wheels, larger batteries, and suspension to best navigate the outdoors and travel for days without a charge.

Comfort is Key

It may go without saying but ensuring you’re comfortable while using your mobility scooter is of the upmost importance and the best test you can do before committing to a purchase. Whether you are using your scooter periodically for day trips, or you rely on the scooter to complete everyday tasks, choosing a scooter that is comfortable will help you regain your independence and a more active lifestyle. That is why CVI Medical has a showroom full of dozens of different styles of power mobility scooters. Your mobility and independence are our top priorities, and it is important to try out the equipment before a major purchase such as this.

Transporting Your Scooter and Storage

When choosing your new mobility scooter, you will want to keep in mind how you will transport and store your scooter. Our most popular scooters are portable and easily disassemble into 4-5 pieces to transport in your vehicle. Higher weight capacity scooters for persons more than 400 lbs. will likely not disassemble and you would require a vehicle lift or transportation van for your scooter. Many of our customers opt to install vehicle lifts for their portable scooters if they do not want to disassemble the mobility device. Whichever your decision, CVI Medical can help you choose which option will work best for your life.

While many of our customers use their mobility scooter every day, some choose to use it periodically for day trips or vacation. It is important to know that if you choose to store your scooter while not in use to keep your batteries in a temperature-controlled setting. You may store the remainder of your scooter in a garage, storage unit, shed, etc., but your batteries will swell in extreme heat or cold. While storing your scooter for an extended period, be sure to cover your scooter with a waterproof cover to keep your scooter dry and dust-free.

Top Brands for Mobility Scooters

At CVI Medical we only carry the top brands for mobility scooters, Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. These companies pride themselves in the quality and warranty of their mobility scooters and are leaders of the industry. When you purchase a scooter at CVI Medical, your warranty begins at the date of purchase and our expert staff is equipped to do any repair that may be needed to keep you moving.

Top Sellers in Three-Wheel and Four-Wheel Scooter Models

Power scooters come in both 3- or 4-wheel models and you guessed it, the scooter best for you will be based on your preferences and needs.

Three-wheel scooter models are more lightweight and have a better turning radius. Our customers love the Pride Go Go Elite Traveller for these exact reasons. Three wheeled scooters will also take slightly less room in a trunk of a car if you have limited space. For people who plan to use their new scooter outdoors, the Buzzaround models from Golden Technologies are great options, particularly the Buzzaround EX with big batteries, good suspension, and larger wheels.

Four-wheel scooters are great for travelling because they provide extra stability on uneven surfaces. This extra stability is also useful for those who are hesitant to purchase a three wheeled model. Pride Mobility launched the Zero Turn model that is very popular for its 4-wheel stability but turning radius of a 3-wheel model, giving people the best of both worlds. Pride’s high weight capacity model, Revo 2.0, is also popular for its suspension, big wheels, and big battery. Golden Technologies has a Buzzaround CarryOn Scooter that is great for travel and very popular for its lightweight frame and lithium battery. It even folds down to 12 inches and can be stored under the bed of a cruise ship!

It is always best to consult a CVI Medical expert on which scooter model is best for your purpose of use.

Mobility Scooter Accessories

Accessories help make each scooter more unique to you and add little functional touches to make your outings better. From a cup holder to a rear basket, CVI Medical offers all your accessory needs. Check out our popular scooter accessories.

Golden and Pride Scooter Warranties and CVI Medical Repairs

Did you know that if CVI Medical sells you a scooter we will also do repairs if needed? This is true of all the equipment we sell! To avoid costly repairs, we will first always check to see if your equipment is covered under Golden Technologies or Pride Mobility’s warranties.

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