What Is a Power Recliner?

What Is a Power Recliner?

Apr 13th 2022

Power recliners – also referred to as lift chair recliners or medical lift chairs – are electric adjustable chairs designed to assist those with mobility or pain issues while providing exceptional comfort. Like regular chair recliners, they allow you recline, elevate your legs, or simply sit. In addition, a power recliner can lift you up to a standing position or help you sit from a standing position without the assistance of anyone else. They come with the bonus of a powered hand control to optimize comfort. Overall, using a power recliner instead of a regular chair or standard recliner significantly reduces stress, strain, and pain in a person’s legs and back.

What Are Some Options in Power Recliners?

At CVI Medical, we offer a wide array of quality power recliners. Our customers know the best power recliner is one that makes you comfortable, fits your specific needs and budget, and one that fits in with the décor of the room it will be in. Durable covering in faux-leather, fabric, or vinyl is available in a variety of colors for the power recliners we sell. Both faux-leather and microfiber fabrics have proven to be popular as they stay new looking and retain their supple feel, even with daily use. Additionally, new and improved water-resistant fabrics are great for easy cleaning.

Our Dallas and online customers can choose from the top recliner brands in the industry, Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. Both manufacturers are proven industry leaders based on innovation and quality.

Below are the three main types of power recliners available:

3-Position Lift Chairs

These chairs allow the user to enjoy three different positions – reclined, lounge, and seated. The chair can also elevate the user to a standing position when desired. The reclined position is short of a full recline and is often considered an extremely comfortable position for sleeping. The user can adjust the position of the chair with the simple use of up and down buttons on the hand control.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

These power recliners are named after their ability to control the back and leg portions of the chair independently from each other. Other buttons control the position of the recliner and the mechanism that raises the user to a standing position. Many infinite position lift chairs include additional features such as lumbar and headrest support, or Twilight Positioning patented technology.

Some of the pendants (hand controls) on infinite position chairs have up to twelve buttons. Because this can be too much for some users to master, Golden Technologies has added memory settings that allow users to customize favorite positions. If the number of buttons is still too much for you or your loved one, a 3-position lift chair may work just fine.

Heavy-Duty/Weight Capacity Lift Chairs

These chairs offer exceptional comfort just like other power recliners but carry a greater weight capacity. They are built with reinforced lift mechanisms and double lift motors to produce smooth positional adjustments and overall operation.

Are you searching for the right power chair for you or your loved one? At, CVI Medical we offer several fantastic options! Look through our online catalog, visit our store to try some power recliners in Dallas, call us today at 214.363.2289, or reach us through our contact form. We even rent power recliners for short-term and long-term use!