The Voice Automated HomeSmart Assistant

The Voice Automated HomeSmart Assistant

Posted by Rebecca Coughlin, Home Medical Equipment Specialist on Feb 8th 2024

Introducing the HomeSmart Assistant, a voice automated system to control your home that is only available through CVI Medical! For over 20 years CVI Medical has provided home durable medical equipment (DME) such as home hospital beds and mobility equipment to our community, including the elderly, disabled, sick, or otherwise physically challenged. We understand the demand for in-home independence and the HomeSmart Assistant is the technological answer!

What is the HomeSmart Assistant?

The HomeSmart Assistant is a multilayered system using home control products to streamline accessibility and safety in a client’s own home by focusing on three areas: Security, Environment, and Entertainment. Key features include:

  • Voice Automation
  • Security
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Camera monitoring
  • Call for assistance
  • Environment Control
  • Hospital Bed
  • Thermostat
  • Lights, fans, heaters, etc.
  • Entertainment Automation
  • Control TV
  • Control DVD, VCR, etc.

This video provides an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of the HomeSmart Assistant:

Key Highlights:

  • At least 2 individuals’ lives were saved because of the capabilities of the HomeSmart Assistant
  • Over 500 installations
  • Over 25 spouses of quadriplegics returned to work with the peace of mind that their loved ones can safely exit the residence in case of emergency
  • Can detect a dementia or Alzheimer patient leaving the home and,with a tracking device on their clothing, allow caregivers to follow them and return them safely to their home


The HomeSmart Assistant began with CVI Florida working with Florida Medicaid to provide assistive technology to its spinal cord injury patients in the mid-2010’s.

With the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa in late 2014, The HomeSmart Assistant gained momentum. Later in the decade as the capabilities of Alexa expanded, HomeSmart Assistant, while working with developers, was able to create a standard residential offering. This offering continues to grow daily with new functionality being created with our development partners.

Voice Automation

The HomeSmart Assistant uses voice to control all aspects of the home. With the assistance of home control devices, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, and Home, individuals can operate almost anything in their home through voice commands.

Tobii Dynavox can be incorporated into the HomeSmart Assistant setup for individuals who have lost the use of their voice (for example ALS patients) and instead, control all the features of their home through blinking.


One of the key features that make the HomeSmart Assistant stand apart is the incorporation of an automated door controlled by voice commands. Through the HomeSmart Assistant, we can program the door to open via voice command for a welcomed guest or to leave the home. Many clients choose to mount a device to their wheelchair to easily enter and exit the home. The automated door will lock creating a secure environment and gives loved ones and caregivers peace of mind that the person using the HomeSmart Assistant always has a safe and accessible way to exit the house in case of an emergency.

CVI Medical does sell a voice-controlled door opener and uses the Open Sesame door system through the HomeSmart Assistant.

In addition to the automated door, a front door latch and keypad allow trusted visitors like home health workers or personal caregivers to enter their code on the keypad and enter the home.

The door is paired with an external video and audio camera so the client can see and speak with visitors at the front door, even when not at home.

Clients often choose to add additional cameras to their backyard or inside their homes. A key benefit to additional home control devices is the ability to call to request assistance.


Arguably the most useful aspect of the HomeSmart Assistant system is the ability for our clients to control their environment. Adjusting the temperature, controlling the lighting in the home, and even adjusting the positioning of their bed can make tremendous difference in their quality of life.

Voice Controlled Hospital Bed

The HomeSmart System has the capability to voice control a patient’s in-home hospital bed. The ability of a patient to raise the head or lower the foot of their bed with a voice command is a tremendous capability for the patient. For the caregiver, which is often a spouse, a full night’s rest is now possible since they will not have to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the patient’s bed position. The voice automated bed is also beneficial in allowing the patient to remain in their home versus an assisted living facility.

The home hospital bed that CVI Medical sells that can be Alexa voice-controlled is the Span America Advantage Bed with Voice Control. As each Smart Assistant set-up is unique to the user and due to the different models of beds and specifications for each HomeSmart installation, please call to speak with our sales team when considering buying a voice-controlled bed: 214-363-2289.

Central Thermostat

With HomeSmartAssistant, you can voice controlthe thermostat in your home orcontrol the thermostat from a smart- phone anywhere. For example, you can cool off or warm up the house before you arrive home. Say ‘Alexa set temperature to 70degrees’ and the thermostat will change to that setting. Many of our clients love this feature since they are sensitive to temperature changes.

Ceiling Fans

The fans must already be equipped with remote controls but once HomeSmart Assistant is applied you can talk to the fans and even control the light package separately from the fan.

Turn on Lamps, Floor Heaters, or Fans

Anything that is controlled by an on/off switch we can voice control. Say ‘Alexa turn on bedside lamp’ and the lamp will be turned on. Using our hub system, you can add your own switches easily and we will teach you how!

Wi-Fi Hub Management System

With the Wi-Fi Hub Management System, the HomeSmart System allows you to see all components in your HomeSmart under one “umbrella.”


The third area of concentration of the HomeSmart Assistant is enabling the traditional home’s entertainment. Home entertainment systems are intended to be fun, entertaining, and most importantly, easy to use. However, the methods used to control these systems are not easy for the disabled or elder population in many instances. The HomeSmart Assistant system can automate home entertainment systems allowing users to control their audio, video, and audio control systems with just their voices.

Television Control System

Control your television using only your voice – never leave your chair! Say ‘Alexa turn on TV’ or ‘Alexa! Go to ESPN’ and your television will go to that station. All streaming services that the television supports can be accessed by voice.

DVD Control Systems

Skip, pause, and play your favorite DVDs using voice commands.

Full Entertainment System Control

Control all aspects of your entertainment system such as volume with ease. Speak your commands and let the HomeSmart Assistant do the rest.


Speak the commands to your stereo easily without any remote.

The HomeSmart Assistant continues to evolveas more capabilities are added to voice control systems from Amazon, Google, and other vendors. We continue to add new features to our system that allow peopleto remain in their homes.

Learn More About HomeSmart Assistant

Our range of offerings expands daily as we collaborate with development partners to introduce fresh features and enhancements. Although our store is based in Dallas, Texas, we can go anywhere in the country to help you set up your home. Contact CVI Medical via our website or call 214-363-2289 to learn more about setting up your home with the HomeSmart Assistant!