The Benefits of Shopping Locally in Dallas for Home Medical Equipment

The Benefits of Shopping Locally in Dallas for Home Medical Equipment

Posted by Rebecca Coughlin, Home Medical Equipment Specialist on Apr 21st 2023

At CVI Medical, we are very proud to be a local, family-owned business in Dallas. For over 20 years, we have helped our community by sourcing quality home medical equipment and supplies and continue to provide sound guidance on products. We pride ourselves on our local Dallas storefront where we stock premium products by the best manufacturers in the business. There are hundreds of options online and it can get overwhelming. At CVI Medical, we take out all the guesswork for you and narrow down your choices to the best and most reliable products. If you or a loved one in the Dallas area need or have considered products like a mobility scooter, a power lift chair, a home hospital bed, a patient lift, an electric or manual wheelchair, walking aids, or even compression socks, we encourage you to visit!

Want to see some of the options we stock in store? You can always visit our website to learn more or shop for the best products in the business! Having an online store offers many benefits to customers, including convenience, but nothing compares to trying the products yourself.

Key advantages to shopping in store:

  • Expert Advice. Yes, you can always call us but when you enter our store, you'll have access to our knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions while you look at products together and help you select the right equipment for your needs.
  • Try Before You Buy. It can be important to try out medical equipment before you purchase it to ensure it's the right fit and comfortable to use. Visiting our store allows you to test out equipment and make sure it's suitable for your needs. When you shop online, a 6-degree incline, or 23 degree turning radius may not mean much to you – unless you are an engineer. When you shop in the store, you get to actually drive the powered scooter, etc., and see how tight the turning radius is and if it will work for your home.
  • Better Comparison. Brands will offer similar equipment with slight differences. Visiting us in store allows you to compare features and prices in person and make an informed sensory decision.
  • Convenience. Visiting our retail store is convenient because you get to see the equipment, talk with staff, find the best solution for what you need, and make sure whatever you’re buying will fit in your car. Medical equipment can be bulky and at CVI Medical we help you find the right solution. Even better, you get to take the product home with you the day you need it. We all know injuries and illness come on spontaneously, and when that happens, you need to take care of yourself or a loved one immediately. Many times, we can even accommodate same-day delivery for equipment. By shopping locally, you don’t have to worry about shipping and delays.
  • Togetherness. Oftentimes a person and a potential caregiver visit our store so they can discuss preferences and practicalities of home medical equipment together. They can also consult with our experts together with different types of questions about product use and functionality.
  • Personalized Service. Visiting our store allows you to receive personalized service and recommendations based on your specific needs and medical history. This can ensure you get the right equipment for your situation and avoid potential complications and overbuying.
  • Instant Gratification. Customers can take their purchases home immediately instead of waiting for shipping. This can be particularly appealing for time-sensitive purchases.
  • Get Unique Items. Our local store offers practical home medical equipment and supplies that you may not have searched for online but are glad to see when you shop. Everything we sell is designed to make living life easier or safer. This is a great way to find practical gifts for those trying to live with more independence!
  • Quick Service: When you buy locally from CVI Medical, we service everything we sell. You do not have to wait weeks for an online company to send out one of their technicians – we come out as soon as possible! You can also drop off your equipment for quick repairs in the shop or schedule a time with one of our technicians.
  • Buy Local. We are proud of our longevity in Dallas and often hear from our local customers how they like to buy locally knowing they are supporting the local economy and community. We appreciate all the support of our small business! We hope everyone can come to our store on May 19, 2023, for our Customer Appreciation Event!

Overall, if you need home medical equipment or supplies, there are many benefits to visiting our local store. We would love to see you. We like the personal face-to-face interactions we get with our customers, all who have unique needs and stories to share!

We hope to see you soon!