Knee Walkers: My Favorite Products

Knee Walkers: My Favorite Products

Jul 1st 2022

Breaking my foot has been inconvenient to put it lightly. The only silver lining has been the products I picked up from CVI Medical have made me much more comfortable. There are a few items that I could not recover without and others that make life easier.

Must Haves

Knee Walker

A knee walker, or knee scooter, is a crutch substitute. Anyone who has ever used crutches know how much crutches stink for long distances. The scooter is used to help people recover from foot injuries by placing your knee on the pad and self-propelling yourself with your good foot. We found the Nova Knee Scooter to be the safest and most durable knee scooter on the market. You can attach all kinds of accessories to your knee walker including a basket, cane holder, cup holder, and an extra cushion pad. I highly recommend the Fleece Cover knee pad that CVI Medical puts an additional 2 inches of foam inside. Definitely a must have!

Walking Boot

More than likely your doctor is going to want you in a walking boot. The boot helps by stabilizing your foot and makes it more comfortable to walk if you are allowed to bear weight.

Single Leg Wedge Cut-Out

I cannot emphasize this enough, you need this! Elevating my foot is essential for my recovery. This leg wedge is designed to only elevate your injured leg and it has a cut out to place your leg into. I must sleep in my walking boot and the cutout in the leg wedge keeps my foot in place which means my heavy boot is not sliding off and hitting my other foot when I sleep.


Although I have the knee walker, my doctor wants me off my foot as much as possible. This is where crutches are handy. I use the crutches to stabilize myself when loading my knee walker into the car and going short distances or up and down stairs.

Convenient Items

Shower Grab Bar

The Suction Cup Grab Bar for my shower is so nice to have. I am trying to stay off my foot as much as possible and this bar suctions to the tile so I can hold onto it. I feel much safer in the shower and relay on it when turning around. Suction grab bars cannot bear your full weight; if you were to fall, the suction grab bar will come off the wall. These suction grab bars are great for stabilizing you to prevent you from falling.


The Nova Sugar Cane has been a life saver! I live on the third-floor apartment so there was no way I was carrying the knee walker up there. The cane helps me keep weight off my foot and makes walking far less painful and gives me stability when I fold the knee walker into the car. The Sugar Cane also has a large flexible base that allows the cane to stand on it is own. I attached a cane holder to my knee walker so I have it at all times.

Accessories for the Knee Walker

The knee walker is essential for my recovery and CVI Medical has all the accessories to make the knee walker even more helpful. Items I attached to the knee walker include a Knee Pad, Cane Holder, and Basket. You can also attach a cup holder, but my water bottle is too big, so I place it in the basket.

Ice Bag

I highly recommend a good quality icebag. I started with a Ziplock bag and after it leaked all over my couch, I grabbed the Medline English-Style Ice Bag. The material of the bag stays dry when I am using it and the top easily screws on and off to fill with ice and water to prevent leaks. Love it!

Shower Chair / Transfer Bench

If you are non-weight bearing you will need a transfer bench or shower chair to bathe, especially if you have a tub shower combination. A transfer bench extends from the inside of the tub to the outside where you can sit, and then swivel and slide your body into the tub. Think of an extra long shower chair. Shower chairs come in several different styles ranging from a stool to a bench with back and arms. Depending on your level of comfort, we can help you choose which bath item will be best for you!

Heavy Duty Items

At CVI Medical, we carry a range of heavy-duty supplies including knee walkers, canes, crutches, and shower chairs. Bariatric Knee Walkers has a weight capacity of 400lbs, and the shower chair has a weight capacity of 500lbs.

CVI Medical is a one stop shop for all your recovery needs. Our expert customer service team will help you find the right products to help you heal in comfort! Now speaking from personal experience, I truly know all the best items. Come on into our shop today or visit our website to find the best items for you!

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